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12 Conditions That You Can Have Due To Household Mold

Here are 12 conditions caused by mold exposure.  There are actually more but for today we will talk about some common reactions and some more serious reactions. Do you have any of these conditions?

  1. Allergies:  Some folks realize that allergies can be triggered and made worse by mold exposure. This includes mold allergies.  Zyrtec acknowledges that mold triggers allergies.  Allergies can be a nuisance.  Allergies will tell you how to minimize allergens like dirt mites in your home.  They tell you to run allergy air purifiers in your bedroom.  However, you really need to run them in your whole house.  Cover the square footage and clean all the triggers of mold, pollen and more.
  2. Breathing Problems:  Emphysema can be caused by mold.  Doctors give medicine to those that have emphysema but the do not go into the environmental factors of what causes the condition.  Airway restrictive disease can be caused by mold and exposure to cigarette smoke.  Multiple chemical sensitivity is a condition where you cannot breathe due to strong odors and can be caused by mold exposure.
  3. Asthma :  While asthma is a breathing condition, it deserves special attention.  75% of all U.S. households have at least one asthmatic in their homes.  That is a scary statistic.  What environmental factors are at the root.  While allergies and asthma seem to go together, mold makes both conditions worse.  Mold is known to cause asthma.  There are children with very serious life threatening asthma conditions.  These children need clean air.  Clean the air by placing allergy air purifiers throughout the house.  A basement dehumidifier must be running in the basement.  Mold grow in basements.
  4. Cognitive Impairment:  This category actually covers a multitude of impairment.  Memory problems; hard times finishing sentences, concentration problems, studying problems, and just a hard time thinking in general.  Since Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker believes that 25% of the population have a biotoxic reaction to mold, how many children have trouble in school?  This may lead to an improper diagnosis of Attention deficit syndrome with the root cause being ignored.  Moldy schools can make it worse.  If your child is feeling bad at school, go to a mold doctor so that can be ruled out as a cause.
  5. Chronic Fatigue:  You feel lousy every morning.  After sleeping, there is no rejuvenating affect that you slept.  Tired all the time.  This is a common symptom of a biotoxic reaction to mold.  Some folks rely on caffeine to get going but it really does not help.  Nothing seems to help.
  6. Fibromyalgia:  Your whole body is full of pain. Your arms, shoulders, neck, legs, and just about everywhere hurts and you do not get a day off.  Sounds lousy because it is.  Seeing a rheumatologist will bring this diagnosis; yet no meds help.
  7. Headaches:  The headaches can be constant especially if your house has mold.  Some folks have migraine like symptoms and will be treated by a neurologist to try to stop the headaches.  These headaches can be very severe.
  8. Sensitivity to Light:  This can occur especially outside requiring Polaroid lenses.
  9. Abdominal Pain:  This is often labeled as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Usually has diarrhea and can be secretory:  leaks out.  How embarrassing.
  10. Excessive Thirst:  Usually accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom.
  11. Vertigo:  There are known cases where it gets quite excessive.  How Black Mold Destroyed This Family’s Health & Home
  12. Death:  Excessive black mold caused this man’s death.  The irony is where the man worked.  Nevada Heath Inspector Dies of Mold Exposure: His Story

Mold allergies get worse when surrounded by constant mold in the home.  Most of the conditions above are associated with a biotoxic reaction to mold. This is where there is no immune response to mold toxins.  Dr. Shoemaker refers to the mold toxins as biotoxins; however, for simplicity it will be referred to as mold toxins.  According to Dr Shoemaker in his book “Mold Warriors”:  “The genes responsible for the steps involved in antibody formation known collectively as HLA DR are found on chromosome 6 and are associated with failure to clear the illness following exposure”.  Essentially this condition means no antibodies are formed to kill the mold toxins and they spread through the body affect every system in the body.  These toxins can even clear the blood brain barrier.  It is my belief that the susceptibility to disease is affected as there is tremendous stress on the body because of the toxins.  Hence if there is a genetic possibility of developing diabetes, the person will due to the affects and constant attack of these mold toxins.  It is also my personal story.  The endocrinologist treating my 3 diabetic pregnancies emphasized that if a stress-or occurred, I would become a diabetic and did.  In closing, mold exposure is something to be taken seriously.  It affects everyone in the family, and it is certainly not healthy to have mold and other biological contaminants in the air. Advice;  Use allergy air purifiers to clean the air and the follow the step outlined here: 4 Steps To Kill Mold

Live Healthy…Be Happy.

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Warning: Mold Can Make You Sick

The Insidious Mold Hid Behind the Baseboard Heater!

When you open the basement door are you hit by a musty smell?  If you are life the average person, you just don’t smell it anymore. That really should bother you because the smell is nature’s alarm.  Warning!  Warning! Your basement has been taken over by mold!

It’s a known fact that mold makes people sick; but not known enough.  I am a professional mold patient.  I have lost count of the doctors that treated me.  My primary care physician told me that he did not have a clue as to how to treat me.  To sum up my health:  I have every serious old person disease and some complications to go with it.  Type 1 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Autonomic Neuropathy, Osteoporosis, Asthma and more. At the ripe old age of 50 I sit with people 20 years older than me waiting to see the doc who is going to remove my cataracts. I have trouble concentrating because of constant headaches.  A mold doctor show my genetic defect.:  I cannot clear toxins when exposed to mold.  They go on to attack every major system in my body.  I am living proof of the destruction of  insidious hidden mold.

I’ll share what I learned.  It is my passion to help people not end up like me.  I live in constant pain.  Dehumidify you basement!  That’s really big because all basements are naturally humid.  But how many people actually do this?  I have been studying people.  They will only turn on the dehumidifier when the basement floods.  While that helps, humidity is always there.  Mold loves warm and dark and damp places.  If you know you have mold, in addition to dehumidify your basement, run Allergy Air Purifiers that have HEPA Filtration.  HEPA filtration means that 99.97% of pollutants are removed form the air.The 3rd step is to actively kill mold through cleaning everything in sight.  use a HEPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner to sweep every surface.  You see a black wall, serious mold, clean it with bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution.  1 part bleach to 4 parts water.  Peroxide is easier on the lungs but will kill mold..  You can also use a U.V. Light.  hold it 2 inches away from mold stain for a 2 hour period or leave on in a dark room over-nite.

While Philipsburg, PA is a nice small town; it is has lots of old moldy buildings.  I can no longer go to church because they are all moldy.  Sorry Pastor!  I have friends that I cannot visit.  One friend has a cat.    Kitty litter is a wonderful place for mold to thrive.    It was changing the kitty litter that did me in.  It is quite the sensitive subject:  why i cannot visit you; your house makes me sick! I avoid the topic and call people. Obviously, I  became a hermit out of necessity.

Where do I stand now?  We have not been able to successfully remove all the mold in my 111 year old house. Looking for new doctors. We are constantly researching and re mediating. I know that we still have mold because my symptoms have not let up.  My husband is finishing an R.N. program and my youngest graduates from high school this year.   When this is done, we move !

I would like to hear your mold story.  What are you doing to get better?  Who treated you?  Are you in pain every day?  I am quite sure that you found some strange places where mold existed. Stay healthy!

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