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It’s the Air Inside That Will Kill You!

Did you know that you are exposed to over 70,000 chemicals in your house? And when the humidity kick up, something called “chemical off-gassing” occurs and now many of the chemicals are released into the air.  Just read somewhere that there is over 120 chemicals just in the carpeting!   In fact the air outside is cleaner than in most homes.

Every time you bring some product home be it shampoo or laundry detergent,you just introduced more chemicals into your house. In fact you have to travel pretty far to breathe in fresh air.  Sit in a meadow but away from the city and highway.  By ocean waves or a  the bottom of a water fall.  Nature supplies us with negative ions which give us this fresh air.  However, I hate to tell you that there is no fresh air in your house because we are surrounded by asphalt.

It’s no wonder that there are so many people with allergies, asthma, breathing problems. How about when you kick on the heating system just to blow dirt and probably mold through the house.  How much of this has been manufactured?  Lot’s of questions.

A few suggestions for you:  live away from all of the hub-bub.  It’s better to be away from traffic and all of the pollution of city loving.  Leave your windows open.  Fresher air from outside is better so is the sun shining in.

Another suggestion is simple:  clean the air in your house.   Research into bio toxic reaction to mold has shown that there is much more in your house than mold.  We all should clean the air in our houses.  This would certainly help the health of your spouse and children.  Buy HEPA Filtration Air Cleaners.  HEPA Filtration Air Cleaners remove 99.97% of pollutants in the air.

Modern technology has added other types of features that can be added to air cleaners.  Ultraviolet light hurts the cell walls of contaminants killing them.  UV Light is often used to treat water.  All the more reason to include it in your air purifier.  UV Light kills fungi (mold), germs, viruses and bacteria.  Negative Ion Generators imitate natures ability to produce fresh air.  Simply put, negative ions bond with positively charged contaminants and fall to the ground. Nature produces 2,ooo negative ions in an area where fresh air exists like the bottom of a waterfall.  Electrostatic Air Purifiers use the”corona” discharge.  An electromagnetic field is created where atoms pass through and gain a charge, positive or negative.  Essentially, opposites attract and either cling to oppositely charged plates on the Electrostatic Air Purifier or cling to each other and fall harmlessly to the ground.

Come to our website  to learn more about the wonderful Allergy  Air Purifiers that will provide a more healthy home for you and your loved ones.  In addition to stopping mold, you will have the added benefit of breathing fresh air.

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