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Hey Folks Hope I Can Inspire You to Stay Healthy!

on August 6, 2011

How did you grow up?  I remember my dad dying so early I cannot remember him.  I belonged to a family of 7.  Mom was uneducated and never home because she worked night shift.  Our diet was the fried high carbohydrate kind.  Having 6 kids to feed meant  that we did not see fresh fruit or vegetables unless they came out of a can.  We were poor.  I had no idea how poor.   I loved to play sports in the neighborhood.  Not something you see much of today.  Somewhere along the line I knew it was important to stay fit. Eventually I got married to a more than wonderful man, Greg.  We raised our kids in a very different way:  we promoted physical activity and taking risks.  My son,Gregory, could chop wood at the age of five ( with a dull axe).  My kids would do the most amazing flips on the trampoline. We did not act like the over-protective parents I see all the time.

Kristen broke her arm doing cheer leading stunts in the backyard with a friend.  The pediatrician gave me a hard time.  I told him that I would rather have a broken arm and an active physically fit child than an obese child sitting in front  of the tv or computer with no coordination. We hold a belief that childhood forges your reflexes, bone strength, and confidence in your athletic abilities.

We hiked, biked and camped as a family.  A weekend trip was exhausting because it meant non-stop action. Because my gardening passion, the fresh veggies were always available.  Love my salads.  After 2 diabetic pregnancies, I went on a low carb diet to try off what was inevitable:  diabetes.  For 14 years my strategy of low cards, exercise, good diet and supplements worked.  But it all came crashing down.  A coughing virus left me quite ill.  Couldn’t put my finger on it.  There was something violently wrong with me.  The weight started to fly off with horrible headaches leaving me up all night. Seven neurologists could not tell me why I was having constant migraines and tension headaches.

Now I am not totally sure if the Mold Man, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, is right.  He told me that I had a genetic flaw that let the mold toxins build up and attack every system in my body.  In essence;  mold gave me Type 1 diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Barret’s Esophagus, osteoporosis, asthma, airway restrictive disease, autonomic neuropathy, fibromyalgia. Holy cow now give me a break! There’s more but you get the point.  I did everything right and still ended up with every dreaded disease imaginable.  Parkinson’s is left in the genetic pool.

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Now be nice about my writing.  I cannot see.  My cataract surgery is on Monday and just maybe I will catch more of my typos!  Stay healthy.  Kill mold.  Dehumidify your basement.  Use a HEPA Filtration vacuum. Take mold ruining health seriously; I wish someone would have told me that 30 years ago.

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